work, PLAY, work, PLAY, work, work, work ...

The boys are at it -- first album in over a decade (lazy bums!). Working hard on the new 3SP album. It's ferocious, delicious and illegal in at least one country which will remain nameless (hint: Canada).  That said, the new album is guaranteed to rearrange your bowels. Prepare to weep upon receipt of said tunes, which can be expected in ... 2009. We're slow roasting it over an open pit, dearest Pimples, so cut us some southern slack. You did give us a decade. Otay, we be hurrying up already.

But get this. The only problem with working on an album is that it's so much fucking work! Sure, there's time for PLAY when somebody gets to solo or run around the room with a hot bong, but the rest is work, work, work. Dumptrucks are fun ... until you have to work with one. Then it's just a big old boring truck. The good news is we all LOVE drumptrucks. So, suck it WORK! We're going to play our asses off and special deliver you an audio truckload of topsoil and tunes, back it up and dump it on your front lawn. Prepare accordingly.

- Kimousine, Otto-pilot, Tabitha, Intelli-jelly-donut & Doc B

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