Not the best

We're not saying the Portland & Bellingham shows are going to be our best or that we'll play flawlessly or that these shows will change your life in some small yet significant way. We're not saying any of that. However, we are thinking exactly that. These shows will be our best and we will play flawlessly (mostly because when we mess up, it will be destiny) and these shows WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!! Why? Because this is all we got!!!! The day after the shows, Taboo is pulling a double shift, Wonder Bred will still be aimlessly unemployed, Intellijamus & Otto will be changing dirty diapers, and Themo will be making his own lunch ... again. But before all that messy mess, we've got some gutter rock to sling, some speed rapping to blurt out and some sweet ass spandex to don.

Come prepared to sing along. Bring $10 and pick-up the new CD (or pre-order your CD now!). And remember ... if you love the Super Sonic Soul Pimps, then you're a Pimple ... pop!

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