Hempfest tomorrow 8/20 @ 4pm

The honorable stoners that run this freedom-fest Seattle has called Hempfest for 20 years, have done the math and the answer is: we'll be in the middle of our set when 4:20 rolls around. For those not in the know (aka nerds, Themo & Wonder Bred):
  • 420=weed=stoner talk for gettin' high=cop talk for drug war=3SP
We'd love to see you there (through all the smoke) and celebrate what stoners celebrate best: um ... what are we all doing here in the sun? Hmmm ... who cares, let's party dude!!!!

Oh yeah, almost forgot: marijuana reform, freedom, liberty, medicinal use, US out of my bong, you can go to war at 18 (booze at 21) but can't get legally stoned, let people police themselves, tax revenue from marijuana good for transit, rant, rant, rant, etc., rinse, repeat ... we've all heard it a gazillion times (and I don't even like weed!) Go team!

(private note to Taboo: show up at HEMPfest at 3pm on Saturday ... this is not to be confused with HUMPfest, for which you have front-row seats and have submitted 14 tapes)

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