Guess who stopped by the studio?

Yoda (and he was pissed!). Mostly that we hadn't finished the album yet. It's been something like 10 years, but anyway Yoda tore Otto a new one! Or ... "Otto a new one tore Yoda". At any rate, he's just a puppet. Seriously, Yoda is a muppet and it was cool to hang out, but his handlers were whack. Sorry for the brain fart, Yoda Fan Club, but your master is actually the puppet of masters.

Cozzi is busy mixing the tune Ride. It's about a boy and his bike and the the love that ensues. Think banana seat meets BJ and The Bear. Apparently there's some Red Bull out there that's going to use this song for some bike race or something ... it's supposed to be good for you.

Fame can be so destructive. Just look at us. World famous and we're such a MESS! I can smell a fresh round of rehab coming on ... or, "rehab, fresh round, smell it coming I do". Stupid m/puppet.

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