A baker's dozen

That's how many years it's been since 3SP released an album. What have we been up to? Mostly nothing. Well, we did that one gig and then there was that one time we wrote some tunes and stuff. Taboo drank some cold hot dog water, got crazy and arrested. Otto swam the Skagit river on his back like a sea otter, eating his favorite meal: fruit loops drenched in peach schnapps. Intellijamus stared at the wall and tickled his pet sock.

Then Kimo showed up and things got musically crazy. Wonder Bred came out of semi-sweet retirement and demanded publishing rights to everything (dick!) but soon just played on the album because he didn't really have anything else to do. The good news is the album is pretty much genius. Actually, it is genius. Seriously ... you're going to dig it. Fellow pimp bakers, prepare the be frosted like a day-old german chocolate cupcake. Delicious.

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