This text is lifted from a classified FBI document mistakenly released in 1986 through an unrelated FOIA request for farm subsidy/mafia connections in North Dakota. The file was hastily retrieved the next day by an FBI task force, but not before being transcribed by a nosy wheat farmer with the use of an oudated telex machine.

Subject:            Dr. Bred  {AKA Wonderbred}
Re:          Inquiry of Status
          Known activities
Determination:        Dangerous
          Unknown involvement with Alien Hybrids
Recommendations:  Do Not Intercede at this time

Classified - Department Eyes Only - Classified

* Forensic Investigation of Dr.Bred [AKA Wonderbred] proceeded on notification of this department of activities including but not limited to; Acquisition of private land not owned by same
* Improper and Illegal unauthorized acquisition of various equipment belonging to Federal Agencies for unknown purposes
* Unauthorized and improper acquisition of Federal Emergency supplies.
* Illegal acquisition of Department of Energy resources resulting in catastrophic failure of Federal and DOD property resulting in Class 2 emergency action on behalf of the NRC.

Initial Investigative findings indicated subject did in fact have involvement with above delineated activities and warranted further investigation by the proper departments of federal agencies involved.

See included for current standing.
96:1:30 Preliminary
Prepared by 44792

Summary of Findings on subject -Dr. Bred

Information obtained from initial investigative efforts indicate Subjects Doctorate degree was issued under protest from the faculty of a now defunct private institution located in the country of Switzerland. Apparent misuse of Laboratory equipment for possible genetic experimentation was the subject of numerous reprimands from said faculty and reprisal issuance regarding these incidents included:
Removal of laboratory privileges and physical removal of the subject from the institution grounds. For reasons unknown at this time, subjects presence and activities on the institution grounds were then tolerated until subject [Dr. Bred] received Doctorate of Science degree. Further inquiries disclosed reports of "strange episodes of irrational behavior " from several faculty members with 3 members dismissal resulting. No further information is available at this time. Subject was no longer heard from for several years.

Speculative information then places subject in the state of Alaska about 1960-1961, with the purchase of previously owned private land in the north-west area of the state. How this was accomplished is not clear at this time. Records did not flag the land purchase until 90:11:20, at which time local authorities checked the property finding no habitable area. Local indigenous peoples talk of "strange extra-terrestrial craft" coming and going over the years, with no further explanation. Federal investigation disclosed numerous facts and a clearer picture.

Information tendered from County Sheriff Titus Pinscher indicates subject inhabited a large castle in the northern area of the state for several years. Files collected from same show clear possession by subject of 17 shipments of "large unmarked crates" received by subject at the Aleutian Island freight docks with bills of lading from 12 countries including Switzerland and the USSR. Inquiries into shipping parties from Switzerland disclosed shipments from 2 of the 3 "irrational" and subsequently dismissed faculty members previously mentioned. All other inquiries into remaining shipments revealed falsified documents with no other information available at this time.

County Sheriff Titus Pinscher indicates subject directed and conducted genetic experimentation upon native animals in the area with the resultant effort yielding several viable new species. Sheriff Pinscher also credits subject [Dr.Bred] with the alleged "healing" of several of the local inhabitants with a terminal prognosis. Inquiries into this matter are still pending.

County Sheriff Titus Pinscher also alleges subject was in contact with "extra-terrestrial" beings, and was in fact, approached by a delegation of extra-terrestrial beings for the purposes of genetic manipulative research into the cross-breeding of Alien/Human DNA following a period of monitoring on behalf of the Off-World entities with the result being an agreement from the subject and the pursuant research culminating in the successful engendering of Three(3) hybrid Alien/Human beings.

Initial Investigation was unable to procure any remaining DNA, as source materials viability is quite short. Secondary investigation with a higher utilization of Department resources disclosed source DNA matching a white male longshoreman from Ballard. Remains of the DNA being retrieved from all areas of the ruins of above- mentioned castle indicate possible wide-area disbursement resulting from internal combustion and subsequent explosion of the Human male, later identified as Mr. Jackson. Inquiries into Mr. Jackson's background divulged various contacts with the local residents including the repeated company of several of the towns prostitutes. Further examination of these individuals disclosed that Mr. Jackson was party to an arrangement with the subject [Dr. Bred] that involved Mr. Jackson attempting to mate with an extra- terrestrial being of female gender. A superficial physical compatibility between the two species resulted in initial attempts at copulation revealing a fundamental difference in physiology.

According to Mr. Jackson's "confidants", he suffered from feelings of insecurities resulting from the physiological differences. Primary to these concerns being genital proportions. Mr. Jackson's confidants indicated that his penis measured over 9 inches in length and that he felt inadequate with the extra-terrestrial female. Furthermore, these sources indicated the alien to possess a vagina of enormous depth, and Mr. Jackson being unable to impregnate this being.

Meteorological reports from this area indicate a highly unusual and very powerful atmospheric disturbance at about this date. Records from NASA and the Defense Department indicate their loss of control of several specialized military equipment sites concurring with this "unusual" atmospheric incident. An extremely large and destructive electrical discharge was received in Alaska, with resultant damage to 3 ICBM missile silos located on and near the property illegally occupied by the subject [Dr. Bred]. Also occurring at this time was damage to part of the complex occupied by subject. All information gathered to date indicates that Mr. Jackson was in due course with the female extra-terrestrial and was recipient to the massive atmospheric electrical discharge. Combined with the sudden electro magnetic field generated by the rapid depletion of the plutonium targets in the implicated ICBM vehicles and the massive electrical discharge, Mr. Jackson discharged, and was wholly consumed by the process. Apparently, the female extra-terrestrial, having received issue in such circumstances, was in fact impregnated, with the highly unusual qualifying factors being bounteous of hybrid Alien/Human conception. All information available at this time indicates the procreation of three(3) Alien/Human hybrids with the pregnancy of the female extra-terrestrial reaching full term.

Subject disappeared at this time, as did the hybrid infants. Recent information into their whereabouts indicate assistance by the extra-terrestrial delegation to subject [Dr. Bred] and their vacation of the illegally occupied premises and, apparently, this planet. Subject returned shortly thereafter, with activities being unknown for a period of time. Speculative information places Subject in various locations, "preparing".

Recent inquiries into the activities of the three hybrid beings resulted in information indicating their transportation to a star system 42 light years from Earth, where they were to be "educated". Conspicuous problems arose in regard to the Hybrids behavior on the extra-terrestrial home-world, with their subsequent banishment from the civilized area of the remote planet and finally, their ejection and return to Earth three years later.

These same inquiries also disclosed information regarding certain abilities of the Hybrids learned in their "formative" period. Also disclosed in this inquiry were assumed names on behalf of the Hybrids. Details of this information are included in Appendix A.

All available research into the formative years of the three hybrids resulted in few details and no verifiable information.

All available research into the whereabouts and activities in this same period of the subject [Dr.Bred], resulted in few details and no verifiable information.

Subject [Dr. Bred] resurfaced in Seattle, Washington in 1993. Activities at this time indicated completion of preparation of hybrid beings. Instruction and mastery of the hybrids specialized abilities appears to have culminated with the formation of a music ensemble utilizing certain abilities of alleged mind control.

All information regarding current activities of subject [Dr. Bred] indicates no further instances of criminal implication or experimentation. It is this reports recommendation at this time to release subject and currently known hybrid beings from further observation. Due to the unforeseeable implications and retribution that may be loosed upon this, and other departments involved in this investigation, it is imperative that a clear berth be granted to all parties involved, as any interdiction may result in catastrophic and incalculable ramifications.


Known abilities of hybrid Alien/Human specie

Subject:    Taboo
DOB:         circa 1965        No known record on file
Height:    5'10"            No known record on file
Weight:    165 lbs.          No known record on file

Known abilities

Possesses third lung. Creation of hypervelocity winds, typhoons and tornadoes on demand. Use of this ability is also known to include the wide spread contamination of areas with D9 Tetrahydro-cannibinol in concentrations exceeding 35% by weight 325,000 PPM by volume.

Excretes complex resinous. A derivative of Delta9-Tetrahydrocannibinol compound when physically of unmeasured potency that results in the threatened.          complete stupefaction of the attacker.

Unlimited understanding           Known to be used for unorthodox purposes when initiating
 of cosmic principles.          mating ritual with enticed females.

Additional auditory          Allows for deeper fundamental knowledge of rhythmical
 nerve near anus          properties.

Subject:    Intellijamus
DOB:    circa 1965        No known record on file
Height:    6'0"          No known record on file
Weight:    175lbs            No known record on file

          Known abilities

Possesses additional auditory      Allows for deeper fundamental knowledge
 nerves near anus          of rhythmical properties.

Possesses additional          Powerful musculature and non-human endocrine glands
 anal orifices in wrists           permit the passage of various noxious and non-noxious
          gasses including a mutated pheromone capable of wide
          spread contamination and perversion.

Subject:    Otto E. Roticize
DOB:    circa 1965    No known file on record
Height:    6'1"            No known file on record
Weight:    185 lbs.        No known file on record

          Known abilities

Over-developed frontal lobe:       The ability to influence surrounding crowds and manipulate the
          emotional responses of said crowds. Sudden outbursts of clinically
          unexplainable euphoria and depression have been documented.
          Agents conducting surveillance have suffered from irreversible
          conditions of mental illnesses requiring long term psychiatric

Additional auditory          Allows for deeper fundamental knowledge
 nerves near anus          of rhythmical properties.