Upcoming Seattle & Bend, OR shows

Hello Pimp fans worldwide! We've got some shows coming up in Seattle and Bend, OR. Seattle is our hometown and Bend(over), OR is our homotown. However, we practice safe sex in Bend by simply tossing off on one another. What's…

3SP @ Nectar in Fremont, Fri March 28

Okay, people. We're playing a show (with instruments, a dog collar and a box of crayons) next Friday March 28th at Nectar in Seattle. Fremont, to be exact. If you haven't been to Fremont it's where the hippies used to…

3SP plays Hempfest, Sunday Aug 19 @ 3pm

Although we think marriageUwanna is a confusing and mind-altering drug  that makes your feet tingle and your brain do backflips (think what it did to Sean Hemp's basketball career) the  Super Sonic Soul Pimps have agreed to play Seattle Hempfest

Lostus Tapesus

I'm Intellijamus, unanimous slamminus! When Wonder Bredus first told me aboutus the lostus tapesus I coudn't believe itus. These tracksus are off the hookus. I meanus Appliances, I Love My Dogus, Ego and I'm So Highus? Give me a breakus. …

B sides unearthed!

Hello friends. It's been a while, hasn't it? We haven't forgotten you ... and we most certainly still love you with all our hearts (3 of which pump humalien blood, but I digress). In recent months we've unearthed sacred 2"…