We Have Awesome Fans

Case in point:

Note the 3SP shirt circa 1994 and the overall badassery of this devoted Pimple.

Hempfest tomorrow 8/20 @ 4pm

The honorable stoners that run this freedom-fest Seattle has called Hempfest for 20 years, have done the math and the answer is: we'll be in the middle of our set when 4:20 rolls around. For those not in the know…

Caps 4 Sale

$18 (includes shipping). Baseball caps come in black w/ logo or red with text. People that wear these caps to work (particularly the red ones) tend to get big promotions at work. Just sayin ...

Ho Ho Ho ... it's Existential Santa, kids! 

Here's a little Christmas ditty ... 3SP style (translation: it ain't easy being Santa!)

Click the "download mp3" button below (it's free)

Happy Holidays™ Pimples!


Take a rock in our shoes

Ever wonder what it's like to be one of us? No, not the unemployment checks, methadone clinic and crying in bed. The fun stuff. Rocking out with your missing socks out! Here's a video from our Halloween show at Woodshed…

Croc was crazy!

We're sorry to have rocked your earballs until they bled. Sorry if we messed up your weekend (there have been reports of hangovers). Sorry for the glorious musical blunders (that dude HAD to be tackled with "friendly fire"). But really…