We should be dead by now.

We're old. We're wrinkled. We're broke. But we keep waking up, cranking up the blender, filling it with tequila, CBD oil and Hershey's chocolate sauce (note: we call this the "Dirty Igor") and strapping on our guitars and tightening up our snare drum. It's Groundhog Day, but we're now the groundhog ... and you, dear fans, are Bill Murray. The hunter is the hunted.

Join us February 2, 2019 in Sayulita for a low octane dose of the Super Sonic Soul Pimps. We'll play nice. Nobody will get hurt. We'll hand out popsicles, lock arms and sing along to some of the best music this side of Origenes David Luna. We may be old, but we're pugnacious and flabbergasted that you're here reading these words ... typed from a Palm Pilot II in the SeaTac Airport TSA smoke break room. #ancientpimps #stoned4life #bataviablues #seatacsmokebreak

Below is a 3SP-ack of Schoolhouse Rock (although only one of us ever graduated).
Action Verb, Dangling Participle and Exclamation—all for FREE, Pimples!
The rest of our gross baby music is over here (for $5/album)
The end.

Get space dust faxed to your brain:

Hempfest tomorrow 8/20 @ 4pm 

The honorable stoners that run this freedom-fest Seattle has called Hempfest for 20 years, have done the math and the answer is: we'll be in the middle of our set when 4:20 rolls around. For those not in the know (aka nerds, Themo & Wonder Bred):
  • 420=weed=stoner talk for gettin' high=cop talk for drug war=3SP
We'd love to see you there (through all the smoke) and celebrate what stoners celebrate best: um ... what are we all doing here in the sun? Hmmm ... who cares, let's party dude!!!!

Oh yeah, almost forgot: marijuana reform, freedom, liberty, medicinal use, US out of my bong, you can go to war at 18 (booze at 21) but can't get legally stoned, let people police themselves, tax revenue from marijuana good for transit, rant, rant, rant, etc., rinse, repeat ... we've all heard it a gazillion times (and I don't even like weed!) Go team!

(private note to Taboo: show up at HEMPfest at 3pm on Saturday ... this is not to be confused with HUMPfest, for which you have front-row seats and have submitted 14 tapes)

Caps 4 Sale 

$18 (includes shipping). Baseball caps come in black w/ logo or red with text. People that wear these caps to work (particularly the red ones) tend to get big promotions at work. Just sayin ...

Stupid shit, Facebook, deaf mother, holiday tunes: a fan vents! 

An anonymous 3SP fan writes:

"I just noticed that when I post stupid shit on your facebook page, everyone I have ever met sees it. I like to reserve my stupid shit for the privacy of our personal conversations. I was going to post a review of the return of dr. bred on Amazon, but I don't have any money and I already have 6 copies. i was about to buy a 7th just so I could write a review but all my credit was declined. i also had a problem linking the following story to some kind of review, but I've been dying to tell it, so here you go. (is it dieing or dying? Not the one where things change colors.)

Once upon a time I dated a very nice girl with a deaf mother. We had the 3 existing 3SP albums in the 5 disc changer on in the living room while doing something or other (dishes, probably). We forgot about it during the 45 minutes of silence during "puberty" and went off to other things that seemed better than listening to nothing.

When we came back to the house, her mother was home from church and vacuuming the living room to Otto E. Roticize cranked up to 11. That was a very dirty trick on your part and very lucky for me I had the sense to date a girl with a deaf mother. How would I have explained that? I would not have been welcome for christmas.

Speaking of that, how a bout "A Taboo Christmas and Wonder Bred New Year" for an album idea. I need some holiday music that I can work with."

Well, thanks for that story Mr. Anonymous 3SP fan. You totally rock (in an angry way.) We're working on a free Christmas song called "Ho Ho Ho". Hope to have it up as a free download in a day or two!

This is not a picture of Mr. Anonymous Fan, but it just seemed to fit


Take a rock in our shoes 

Ever wonder what it's like to be one of us? No, not the unemployment checks, methadone clinic and crying in bed. The fun stuff. Rocking out with your missing socks out! Here's a video from our Halloween show at Woodshed Studios (many thanks, Lunchbox!). This is live audio and video (thanks Jaymo!) with cameras strapped on the end of guitars (Intellijamus, Taboo & Themo), chest cameras (Otto & Wonder Bred) and one roving clown camera.  The end result: you are us for 4 glorious minutes—minus the child support payments.

There is a rumor that this is the world's FIRST EVER LIVE MUSIC VIDEO using full POINT OF VIEW HD cameras on EACH BAND MEMBER! If we're wrong, we apologize for crapping on your dreams. Now, go grab your 3SP cape, your spandex bike pants and jump on stage with us. It's your turn to take a rock on the wild side, Pimples!

Super Secret Show Fri 10/29 (so secret, we don't know where we're playing!) 

Okay, okay ... it's secret. It's super (duh!). It's a show, as in we'll strap on our instruments and make some noise. And there is an open bar. Repeat: AN OPEN BAR!!!!! This is an opportunity for our alcoholic fans to stick to the man (and your liver)!  $25 gets you into a to-be-announced studio space in the South Lake Union area on Friday, October 29th with all the booze you can drink (or so we're told). Alcoholic Pimples Unite!

Okay, now the details:
* you do not have to be an alcoholic to attend
* costumes pretty much required - there will be a COSTUME CONTEST w/ PRIZES
* Black Cherry Crush is playing
* 'Peace Nuckle MMM Tastey' is playing (it's their CD release!)
* Yours Trulies 3SPies are playing
* studio space in the South Lake Union area TBA prior to show via email
* show will be recorded live (you may be immortalized in the equivalent of an audio bathtub gin experiment)

Tickets are $25! But before you run, you can drink as much as your gut will hold! Slosh, slosh ...

BUY YOUR TICKET by emailing: lunchboxjtc69@iwon.com  — seriously, that's the email. If this seems like a scam, then you're a smart internet user. However, it's not a scam. Seriously, buy your tickets by emailing lunchboxjtc69@iwon.com today! The promoter will respond and set you up.